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Downloads: 431222
File size: 2.68MB
Requirements: Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vist
License: Freeware

Foobar2000 Change Log
* Improvements to new Default User Interface:
o New built-in Media Library Search dialog, with advanced autoplaylist creation features.
o Configurable left/center/right alignment of custom columns in Playlist View.
o Usability: switching layouts now flashes labels to reduce user confusion.
o Ability to customize toolbar buttons.
* New: Warning popup when trying to close foobar2000 while tasks such as conversion or ReplayGain scan are active.
* Various UI responsivity improvements and speed optimizations; much faster Album List refresh with large libraries.
* Usability: positions of various dialogs are now remembered, relative to their parent windows.
* Properties dialog: Tools button, Automatically Fill Values can now use clipboard as source.
* Converter clean-ups, ability to manually edit commandline encoder executable paths through Advanced Preferences.
* WMA handling bug fixes, ability to store arbitrary metadata fields in WMA tags.
* ID3v2 tagging compatibility improvements.
* Various bug fixes.

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